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Have you every adopted a shelter animal before? YES          NO         

What is your primary reason for adopting an animal?

         Companion             Guard dog              Hunting             Barn Cat              Other

Animals are accepted from all sources including previously owner, stray, abandoned or homeless. Some animals have lived in abusive or neglectful circumstances and will need both training and time to help them.

Although we screen both medically and behaviorally every animal that is placed here, certain types of problems will not demonstrate themselves until the animal is in a home situation or a specific period has lapsed (as in the incubation of certain viruses) There is always some risk in adopting any animal from a shelter           

Shelters bring out extremes in animals, and so it’s difficult to judge them based on that first meeting. If an animal is cowering in the corner or barking ferociously when you meet them it doesn’t mean they don’t like you, they are scared!!

Give them time to adapt. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind to give both of you the best chance of making the adoption stick. The first few days (or even weeks) might not be smooth sailing. Every animal reacts to being in a shelter differently, but it’s a stressful situation for just about every animal. Your pet may be jumpy when you bring them home, or they may be shy and reticent about interacting. They may whine, or pace, or have accidents, or they may just sleep and sleep. Your pet is coming from a shelter, where there’s a different routine and set of rules. It typically takes about a month for a dog to fully relax and start to adapt to new routines. Experienced adopters will often tell you that they didn’t really see their dog’s true personality emerge until they were home for a few weeks, or even longer. Try and maintain routines and training for this early period and it’s likely your dog will settle in beautifully.

When an animal is in a home for a while some behavioral issues may arise (like separation anxiety chewing, etc. etc.). Are you prepared to handle these issues. YES          NO         

Ease into it. Try to keep in mind that most animals will need an adjustment or decompression period as they settle in their new home. In those first days, experts advise being as calm and relaxed as possible (which may require a one-on-one chat with your kids before the dog arrives), as well as limiting visitors- your family are going to be anxious to play with a new family pet, but now is not the time to host meet-and-greets with the neighborhood because this may only heighten the anxiety for your pet.

It’s important to make sure that you commit to the responsibilities of owning an animal and make sure that you’re in it for the life of your pet? AGREE          DISAGREE          

Take into account Work obligations, the size of your living space, your appetite for walking, training, and possibly grooming. If you work long hours and find it hard to break away during the day, a puppy is probably not for you because of the amount of time and constant attention they demand.

When adopting a puppy are you aware that the cute little 5lb puppy is going to grow to be a 50+lb “puppy”? YES         NO         .  They are more destructive at an older age. It is also a “State Law” when you adopt an animal under the age of 6 months you will need to get the animal spayed/neutered and you will have to pay the cost yourself.

We have an obligation and desire to adopt our animals to “Forever” homes and not be brought back to the shelter.

Do you wish to continue with this adoption or, after reading all of this do you feel you need to think about the obligation a little more? YES          NO         

How long have you lived at your address?           YEARS          MONTHS

Residence Type?                     

Do you own or rent your home? OWN           RENT         

Are you planning to move anytime soon? YES          NO         

If you have to move unexpectedly, would you make it a priority to find housing that accepts animals? YES          NO         

If you rent does your landlord allow pets?          

Do you have a Fenced yard? YES         NO         

Have you had pets in the past? YES          NO         

If so, what happened to them?


Do you have pets now? YES          NO         

Are your current pets spayed/neutered? YES          NO         

Have you ever adopted from us? YES          NO         

If so, do you still have this pet? YES          NO         

Are all adults in the household aware that you are adopting a dog? YES          NO         

If you have small children, will they have adult supervision when the child & animal interact at all times? YES         NO         

Are you sure that this is the right dog for children in the home? YES          NO         

How many hours per day will the dog be left alone?          

Will the animal be kept indoors or outdoors when alone? Indoors          Outdoors         

Where will your pet spend most of its time?                                                                                                                                    

When outside, how will your pet be housed or confined?


We do not adopt a dog to anyone who will keep the dog tied out on a chain!

Where will the animal sleep at night:?                                                                 

Do you have a crate or safe isolation area for your pets in your absence? YES          NO         

Would you adopt a dog that is not known to be housebroken? YES          NO         

Do you plan on attending obedience classes with your new dog? YES          NO         

Are you financially prepared to provide your pet with annual vet care? YES          NO         

You understand that the adopter is responsible for all veterinary care and medical bills of the adopted pet? YES          NO         

The animal may live 15+ years, what would you do with your pet if you could no longer care for them:  _______________________________________________________________________

Are you aware of your community’s animal ordinances, leash laws, and number of animals you may own? YES          NO         

Are you or anyone in your family allergic to animals? YES____ NO____

Are you physically able to care for an animal? (jumping, pulling on a leash, cats getting under your feet, etc) YES          NO         

What would you do if the dog grew to be bigger than you expected?


Under what circumstances would you not keep the Animal?

        Divorce          Illness          Moving          New Baby         New Job           House training problem.

        Chewing          Barking          Digging          Allergy          Shedding          Grew bigger

          Illness           Kids ignoring animal          Pet’s didn’t get along          Not obedient enough

          Other                                                                       Would not give up for any of the above.

Would you allow an inspection of your home by a rescue volunteer?           YES           No


I hereby affirm that I have answered the questions truthfully. I completely understand the lifetime obligations I need to adopt the following animal:




Animal Name:                                                                            Log#                                     


Name Printed:                                                                                                                          



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