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Image by Chris Arthur-Collins


Lake Country SPCA is a 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization and no-kill shelter headquartered in Clarksville, VA.

We are dedicated to helping and finding placement for abandoned, abused, neglected pets, as well as litters of puppies and kittens that people find as strays, surrender, or are held by animal control.  

Pet of the week

"Diesel B."


Diesel B. is a BIG boy! He weighs 16.62 lbs. Diesel loves attention and commands a room. Some people say he's the sweetest and others says he's got a salty attitude now and then. But that pretty much describes every cat! He wants to go where you do and is confident and smart. A lot of big Tabbies are like this. He has thick dense fur and gorgeous huge eyes. He enjoys playing and will bat at toys. Diesel came to the shelter 3/16/24 at age 4 years because his owner could no longer care for him. He is curious and will come right up to greet strangers. He gets along great with other cats and doesn't pay much attention to them. Diesel B. enjoys being petted and talked to. Poor guy tries to pitch himself to strangers by talking and rubbing against the cage, but they keep picking all the little kittens above and below him in the other wall kennels. Call (434) 374-8076 or email to ask about adoption. Or visit Mon-Sat from 12-4pm at 11764 Hwy. 15, Clarksville, VA. Website is

About Us

As a private shelter, we do not receive any government or agency funding; it is only through donations, grants, and adoption fees that we are able to provide the care needed for our shelter pets. We’d love your help and support in this important mission to cover our monthly expenses of roughly $25,000.  Our expenses include employee salaries, utilities, building maintenance, veterinarian care, spay and neuter, food, bedding, vaccines, cleaning, and supplies.

On average, Lake Country SPCA rescues over 700 animals per year and adopts out an average of 600 animals per year.  

About Us

Our History

Began with a group of people who were concerned with the number of stray animals roaming the streets in Clarksville.  In September of 2002, they rescued the stray animals, keeping them safe and cared for in their homes and backyards. Today, we are in a facility that was built in 2015, equipped to shelter, provide medical care, and spay and neuter over 700 animals per year. It is through our generous and dedicated sponsors, donors, volunteers and employees who have made our successful journey possible!

Our Mission

Is to enrich the lives of animals through rehabilitation, protection, care, education, and adoptions to FUR-ever loving homes. 

Our Vision

Is to inspire a community to nurture and celebrate the animal-human bond, promoting and supporting spaying and neutering.  We envision a day where every animal has a responsible, loving, caring home; where every pet is happy, healthy and safe from harm; and where no pet suffers from neglect, cruelty, or abuse.

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