Lake Country SPCA
Who Are We?

11764 Hwy. 15


Virginia 23927


The Lake Country SPCA, founded in September 2002, is a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue group based in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.  It started with a group of Clarksville residents who were fed up with seeing stray animals roaming the streets. They held public meetings to organize a rescue group.  Over the years 
LCSPCA has blossomed from a handful of people fostering animals in their yards and homes to an actual brick and mortar shelter which processes over 1,000 pets per year, and is open to the public 7 days a week.  

At LCSPCA, we are dedicated to housing, medically treating, spaying/neutering, and finding placement for abandoned, neglected, or injured pets, as well as litters of puppies or kittens people cannot care for or place.  
We also help pets relinquished due to foreclosure, eviction, fires, hospitalization, nursing home admittance, or death of an owner, as well as save as many as we can as transfers from County Pounds when their time is up and they are scheduled for euthanasia.

Private shelters get no state or local funding, so continually fund raise to keep the doors open. It costs 
$10 - $15,000 per month to run our shelter.  This shelter offers an alternative to County Pounds which have to euthanize regularly due to lack of space, and helps save the lives of many companion animals each 
year.  Volunteer board members run the shelter and manage direct care volunteers and several paid employees.  

All of our animals are located in our shelter at 11764 Hwy. 15. Clarksville, Virginia 23927, or in foster homes.

To house rescued animals, our board members, staff and volunteers feed, water, walk, and play with the animals.  We clean cages and kennels, administer medications, greet customers, assist with adoptions, transport pets for medical treatments and spay/neuters, process adoptions and transfers, do state required 
paperwork, organize and attend fundraisers, and give talks at schools, churches, hospitals, and civic groups.  We took in 1,092 animals in 2008 and 1,224 animals in 2009, but typically never have more than 200-300 animals in custody.  That means we are finding placements for many animals each year!
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