Lake Country SPCA
Donations and Payments

11764 Hwy. 15


Virginia 23927


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Donations can also be mailed to:

Lake Country SPCA
P.O. Box 14
Clarksville, VA 23927

Remember, your donations are tax deductible!

While donations can always be mailed in, the animals love visits so feel free to drop it off in person and say Hello while your there.  The animals especially love it when you bring toys and bedding.

Other ways to donate to the LCSPCA

If you shop at Food Lion, there is a simple way to help raise money for LCSPCA that won't cost you a penny.  All you have to do is press the Food Lion button,  to register yourMVP card to benefit LCSPCA.  This must be done every year for LCSPCA to continue  to receive these benefits.   A portion of the proceeds from qualified merchandise that you buy will be put in our account and given to us 3 times per year.  Qualified merchandise is all Food Lion brand products which include Healthy Accents, Home 360, Nature's Place, Smart Option and On The Go Bistro. Shopping on the 10th of the month doubles the reward points.  Our organization code is 252004, should you need it.

LCSPCA also accepts other types of donations.  For example, you can donate a car, trailer or boat to us which we can then sell. That's a huge benefit to both you and the shelter animals.  

The LCSPCA animals are also in need of heavy duty toys to play with as well as bedding items, such as comforters, sheets, towels, blankets and scatter rugs. 

Can't adopt yourself, but would like to sponsor an animal for adoption? We can do that too. Simply choose an animal you would like to sponsor, send in the adoption donation and that pet will be advertised as "sponsored".  We can even do partial sponsorships so two or more people split the adoption fee.  

Pen Plaques are also a fantastic idea. A plaque can be purchased by you in memory or honor of a cherished family member or pet. These plaques are then attached to an enclosure for display and acknowledgement of your donation.

We need pet beds, please donate a cot. Kuranda has durable cots that you can purchase at a discount.  Please supply a bed for a dog or cat today.  Click on "Donate a Bed." link here, then choose a cot or cat tower, add it to your shopping cart and pay.  They ship it to us and let us know who donated.  Having beds for our hundreds of pets to lay on to get them up off the cold, hard and sometimes wet concrete, will make their homeless kennel experience more tolerable.  In turn this makes them happier, less stressed, and show better when prospective adopters come through, getting them into homes quicker!  One person can make a difference when you add all those ones up.  By buying 1 dog or cat a bed, you can make a big difference in the quality of a shelter animal's life and possibly be aiding in it's adoption, without even setting foot in the shelter. You can also donate a Kuranda Dog Cot to be used by the dogs and cats.

We typically have about 70-100 dogs and 75-100 cats at the shelter, as well as many more in foster care. Having something to lay on to get them up off the cold, hard and sometimes wet concrete floor and will make their homeless kennel experience a lot more tolerable.

Make a donation using PayPal on this site.
Become a member for $10.  Email or call us for the form.
Join our Pledge Program. Send in a set amount each month.
Join Sponsor a cage and get a 4"x6" plaque with the saying of your choice    
honoring a deceased pet or person for example, or advertising your business.  
Annual fee is $50 for a cat enclosure plaque and $75 for a dog enclosure 
plaque. Email your plaque wording and pay with Paypal or regular mail the 
request and pay by check.
Sponsor a pet. Choose a pet to sponsor and pay $50 toward it's care.  
Prepay for a pet's adoption thereby making it more attractive and adoptable.
Purchase LCSPCA designated items from All Things Animal at the Virginia 
Avenue Mall in Clarksville.
 Donate goods that we can sell to make money, such as old cars or boats 
that are in working order.